FRANCO-GERMAN VISIT: Opportunities for partnership and cooperation between Europe, Morocco and Africa

Miscellaneous announcements

As part of the cooperation and strategic dialogue that unites Morocco with European countries, and in support of the culture of dialogue and intercultural understanding, the Euromed University of Fez welcomed, this Tuesday, January 30, 2024, Their Excellencies M Christophe LECOURTIER and Mr. Robert DÖLGER, respectively, Ambassador of the French Republic to Morocco and Ambassador of Germany to Morocco.

This meeting, organized in honor of their Excellencies, began with a presentation by the President of the UEMF, Prof. Mostapha BOUSMINA, who briefly presented the main missions of the University in terms of promoting intercultural dialogue, exchange and cooperation between the two shores of the Mediterranean with a natural extension towards sub-Saharan Africa.

Then, the guests took a tour of the Eco-Campus and its technological platforms as well as its research and innovation laboratories.

During their speeches to the students and staff of the University, the Ambassadors shared their opinions regarding the foreign policy pursued by European countries towards Morocco, particularly on the political, economic and security levels. They also discussed the potential role that Europe could play as a reliable partner, not only for Morocco, but for the entire African continent.

This event was a compelling opportunity for students and teacher-researchers of the University to exchange with Their Excellencies with the aim of exploring German and French visions on ways to improve cooperation between Morocco, Germany and France in order to bring closer perspectives between the two shores of the Mediterranean and work to strengthen a region of peace, security and cooperation.