Prof. Mostapha Bousmina decorated with the Commander's Cross of the Order of Civil Merit of Spain

Miscellaneous announcements

In the presence of several ministers and high Moroccan and Spanish personalities, HE, the Ambassador of Spain to Morocco, Ricardo Diez-Hochleinter, presented yesterday on June 16, 2022, in the name of King Philip VI of Spain, the decoration of the Commander of the Order of Civil Merit to Professor Mostapha Bousmina, President of the Euromed University of Fez and to Professor José Manuel Roldan, Former Vice-President of the UEMF and former Rector of the University of Cordoba.

This high distinction was awarded to these two university actors who played an important role in the academic rapprochement between Spain and Morocco. Pr. Bousmina is a physicist and physico-chemist specializing in nanotechnologies. He is currently President of the Euromed University of Fez, Chancellor of the Hassan II Academy of Sciences and Technology and President of ASRIC (The African Council for Science, Research and Innovation) which depends on the African Union. He has a very flourishing scientific career and was ranked in 2021 by the American University Stanford among the top 2% of science researchers in the world and also the Moroccan scientist with the most impact on a global scale.

His CV is impressive. He has more than 220 indexed international publications, around ten international patents, some of which have resulted in the commercialization of scientific devices on a global scale, more than 500 international conferences including several as a plenary speaker, and he is a member of the World Academy of Sciences and Arts (initiated by the great Albert Einstein), the World Academy of Developing Countries and the African Academy of Sciences. He is Editor-in-Chief of three international scientific journals and has received several international awards, including the Morand Lambla Prize for Best International Researcher in the field of polymers and composite materials, and the prestigious Canadian Steacie Scholarship with an endowment of 1.4 million dollars (equivalent to the Canadian Nobel Prize) or the Prize for the 20 best researchers in Canada awarded by the Canadian Institute for the Advancement of Science (Pr. Bousmina was the first on the list of 20) and he had several scientific responsibilities, notably as President of NASAC (network of African Academies of Sciences), President of the Société Québécoise des Polymères, member of the Canadian Aerospace Agency team for the definition of experiments to be carried out in the 'Space in collaboration with NASA.     

He spent his career in Canada, where he was a research director and holder of the Research Chair in Nanotechnology before returning to Morocco to co-found the MAScIR Research Center (Moroccan Advanced Science, Innovation and Research) before being appointed by His Majesty the King to implement the Euromed University of Fez. He is also multilingual, fluent in six languages, and a lover of history and philosophy.