The Civil Engineering Hall, new to the Euromed Polytechnic School (EPS)

Miscellaneous announcements

The Euromed Polytechnic School is completing the installation work on its new space for practical activities and research, “ the Civil Engineering Hall ”.

The Euromed Polytechnic School has opened a new space for practical activities and research , the Civil Engineering Hall, between buildings B3 and B4 on nearly 850 m2 with a whole series of “cutting edge” equipment relating to different facets main areas of civil engineering, in addition to an area dedicated to the restitution of experimental work:
- Hydraulics and fluid mechanics;

- Geotechnics and soil mechanics;
- Strength of materials ;
- Concrete and cementitious materials;
- Traffic lanes, roads and carriageways. Civil engineering training at Euromed Polytechnic School allows students to acquire the knowledge necessary to develop large-scale projects, but also to manage and carry them out.

In this sense, practical work and mini-construction projects are essential and constitute an essential activity in the curriculum of any future civil engineer, whether he/she takes the entrepreneurial or research path during his/her professional career.