Launch of new professional DUs at ISJP

Miscellaneous announcements

The professional university diplomas “LAND LAW AND REAL ESTATE BUSINESS MANAGEMENT” and “Banking and financial techniques” are professional training courses opened by the prestigious Euromed University of Fez as part of its continuing education programs.

The land sector is undoubtedly important for the economic development of the country through its role in promoting investment. Each land tenure system is closely linked to the economic system adopted. Secure real estate ownership thus constitutes the support for the take-off of the business world. With this in mind, the objective of DU “LAND LAW AND REAL ESTATE BUSINESS MANAGEMENT” is to offer its beneficiaries solid and condensed legal and technical training based on land law in order to boost them in their fields and in the public or private professions requiring this specialty such as the National Agency for Land Conservation, Cadastre and Cartography, Judicial Careers, Notaries, Topography, Real Estate Developers, Business Firms, etc.

Thus the “Banking and financial techniques” training aims to respond to these different needs expressed in the financial sector in an operational, practical and circumcised manner to better prepare professionals in direct contact with the bank and students who wish to do a career in the financial sector, including mastery of the legal and financial instruments necessary for better conduct in compliance with current regulations.

These DUs are essentially intended for professionals who seek to deepen and strengthen their knowledge in the field of land law as a pivot of investment and in the field of finance, in particular banking, financial and credit techniques.