UEMF organizes Euromed Career Day 2024

Miscellaneous announcements

The Job Fair of Euromed University of Fez holds its second edition on February 28, 2024

This year's Euromed Career Day will be a real opportunity during which future graduates of the University will have the opportunity to meet potential employers and discover new career paths. A range of partners from different socio-economic and institutional backgrounds will exchange recent advances in their professions, which will allow students to expand their professional network and develop their skills by participating in workshops and conferences scheduled throughout the day.

Through this meeting, the UEMF aims to create an environment conducive to exchange between recruitment teams and potential candidates who share their values ​​and vision. The second edition of Euromed Career Day will be designed around information sessions, company presentations, interactive workshops and on-site interviews.

Participants will also have the opportunity to attend plenary conferences addressing various topics related to the professional integration of Young Laureates, under the theme of: “Artificial Intelligence at the service of the African employee”.