Launch of an Executive MBA in international double diploma by EPS and Pôle Santé

Miscellaneous announcements

Profound currents of change are reshaping supply chains globally. The health sector with its own context linked to different restructuring approaches and strategies, risks of pandemics and the need for integration of new information technologies has shown the major importance of human resources management, agility of organizations and more specifically adapted management of the supply chain. This highlights the need to acquire and update managerial and operational skills.

The “HEALTH SUPPLY CHAIN ​​MANAGEMENT” program provides high-level training to healthcare supply chain professionals and practitioners, through educational tools and methodologies to maximize capacity development in health care supply chain management. public and private healthcare establishments.

It is a flexible and modular program to meet the needs of the health sector with the following objectives:

  • Add value to the health sector by developing knowledge and capacity.
  • Gain a deep understanding of the key concepts of global supply chain management and its leading role in the healthcare ecosystem.
  • Gather relevant expertise from the medical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology supply chain.
  • Immediately apply learnings through practice-driven analysis relevant to the healthcare sector.
  • Develop an “end to end” managerial mindset of the value chain.
  • Simulate and manage the interests of multiple stakeholders.
  • Apply the right KPIs.