Euromed University of Fez organizes a tour in honor of its foreign students

Miscellaneous announcements

During his speech, the president of Euromed University, Mostapha Bousmina, noted that students and teacher-researchers currently represent 43 nationalities who rub shoulders every day on campus, work together and some are designing a common future. .

He then reviewed the university's major projects, the surface area of ​​which will soon increase from 50 ha to 120 ha with the construction of a university hospital center, a faculty of medicine which will be operational from next September, a faculty of dentistry and a nursing training center.

He also mentioned the Fez Smart Factory project, based on industry 4.0, which will be received shortly, as well as the second phase of the campus, which includes a conference center that can accommodate around 3,500 people, a large library, a sports complex with an Olympic swimming pool and a FIFA standard football field, in addition to shops, a mini-market, bookstores, cafes and restaurants, a beauty salon, a pharmacy, etc.