A tribute conference on the occasion of the inauguration of the chair of African literature and arts at the Academy of the Kingdom of Morocco

Miscellaneous announcements

On the occasion of the inauguration of the chair of African literatures and arts at the Academy of the Kingdom, a group of UEMF students from different countries of sub-Saharan Africa attended a conference-tribute to with regard to the Malian writer Yambo Ouologuem (1940-2017), Renaudot prize in 1968 for his work "Le Devoir de violence".

During this occasion, UEMF students were able to meet and exchange with illustrious figures in the field of literature such as the writer Tahar Ben Jelloun, the Guadeloupean author Simone Schwarz-Bart, the Cameroonian novelist Calixthe Beyala, the writer and editor Jean-Pierre Orban, the literary agent Pierre Astier, the academic Aboubakr Chraïbi, the American critic and translator Christopher Wise, the kaiju academics Harinen and Sarah Burnautzki. 

The Chair of African Literatures and Arts aims to decompartmentalize, promote and circulate African cultural heritage in Africa. It aims to constitute a structuring center for the collection, reassessment and dissemination of literary and artistic knowledge on the continent. It also aspires to the role of an authority of consecration in Africa, by Africa and for Africa, thanks to international cooperation keen to pool knowledge and respectful of an ethics based on equal access for all cultures to the great contemporary literary, cultural and artistic scene.

This inauguration was also attended by members of the Academy of the Kingdom, those responsible for the chair, Professor Eugène Ebodé and Dr Rabiaa Marhouch, Professor Abderrhaman Tenkoul, Dean of the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences at the UEMF, the members of the steering committee of “Academy doctoral students” and the writers and academics invited to this occasion.


Event program