The UEMF welcomes the Moroccan Association of Young Parliamentarians as part of their regional meetings

Miscellaneous announcements

The Euromed University of Fez received, in its eco-campus, the Moroccan Association of Young Parliamentarians which is beginning its first regional meeting by stopping at the UEMF, in the city of Fez. 

The Moroccan Association of Young Parliamentarians was born in accordance with the High Royal Guidelines considering young people as “the true wealth of the country” and from the conviction of a group of young Moroccans of the need to engage in the development process of our country, as well as their conviction of the interest of common action in a structured institutional framework outside of any partisan or union affiliation. For its first meeting with students from all backgrounds, the Moroccan Association of Young Parliamentarians chose to address the theme of digitalization in the modernization of the Moroccan administration, a subject that aligns perfectly with the mission of the Euromed University of Fez. “ the digital system has always been part of the DNA of the UEMF and constitutes one of its seven pillars which are the basis of its academic, scientific and civic vocation ” attests Pr. Taoufik Ouazzani Chahdi, Vice-President in academic and cultural affairs at UEMF.

Speaking during this session, the president of the Youth Parliament of Morocco, Nizar Berdai, emphasized the effects of the epidemic situation on the organization of this meeting, also marked by the interventions of "young ministers" who plan to examine the projects amending certain laws relating to each committee, namely: the committee on education, culture and communication, the committee on the economy and finance, the committee on justice, legislation and of Human Rights, the Committee on the Interior, Local Authorities, Housing and Urban Policy, and the Committee on Foreign Affairs, National Defense, Islamic Affairs and MRE.