Euromed University presents at the WTO Public Forum in Geneva

Miscellaneous announcements

The Euromed University of Fez was present at the Public Forum 2023 in Geneva through the participation of Pr. Hafsa El Bekri, teacher-researcher at the Euromed Business School of the UEMF and co-director of the Research Institute for European, Mediterranean, and African Studies (RIEMAS).

The 2023 Public Forum of the World Trade Organization (WTO), which deals with the rules governing trade between countries, was held between September 12 and 15 in Geneva under the theme "Now is the time to 'act' (It's time for action). This edition of the Forum aimed to see how trade and the WTO can contribute to a greener and more sustainable future. Particular attention was paid to the services sector, digitalization and inclusive trade policies in support of this objective.

Pr. El Bekri attended the work of the Public Forum 2023. She also moderated a session based on "The role of the liberalization of services within the framework of the Agreement establishing the AfCFTA in accelerating the green transition in Africa ?". This session was an opportunity to highlight the importance of the services sector and its growth to ensure the transition to a green economy in Africa.

During this meeting, the various speakers were able to interact to answer the main issue of the session: “How could the AfCFTA Agreement accelerate the development of the services sector in Africa?” ".