Holding of the 4th edition of TRAVEL TECH MOROCCO at the UEMF

Miscellaneous announcements

Co-organized by the National Confederation of Tourism (CNT) and the Euromed University of Fez (UEMF), in its fourth edition, Travel Tech Morocco is an annual event which landed on December 12, 2023 at the Eco-campus of the university.

This forum is recognized for being a catalyst for a culture of innovation in the tourism industry by stimulating the emergence of a start-up ecosystem in all professions in this industry. The objective of this edition is to define the key role of the CNT Travel Tech in realizing the ambitions of the tourism sectors.

This meeting allowed the experts as well as the tourism and hotel industry leaders present to debate on several themes. Thus, two panels of experts marked this forum, in the presence of Mr. Hamid BENTAHAR, President of the National Tourism Confederation and event host of this edition. The first panel focused on the role of CNT Travel Tech in the development of business tourism, cultural circuits and city breaks. The second panel focused on entrepreneurship, incubators and universities at the heart of the CNT Travel Tech ecosystem.

The Euromed University of Fez continues to demonstrate its involvement in the ecosystem of its region, for the benefit of young entrepreneurs and project leaders. During this event, the tourism sector was the heart of his concerns.