[Seminar] The community pharmacist: Innovations, Expanded Responsibilities and Impact on Health Care

Miscellaneous announcements

As part of the conferences and meetings organized by the Euromed University of Fez, a seminar was held on October 26, 2023 in collaboration with the union chamber of community pharmacists of Fez, around the theme “The community pharmacist: Innovations, Expanded Responsibilities and Impact on Health Care”. A meeting marked by a strong female presence, making this conference an opportunity to celebrate the success of women pharmacists represented by experts in the profession who delivered enriching speeches in relation to the theme.

This conference was attended by several professionals from the pharmaceutical and pharmacy fields, among others Dr Fatima Zohra Khayar, industrial and pharmacy pharmacist, member of the board of directors of Pharmacy, Brussels, President of the Athena center, President of the medical-pharmaceutical consultation of Schaerbeek, Brussels and Dr Aicha Zahi, community pharmacist and President of the Moroccan Society for the Valorization of the Officinal Act.

The speakers addressed various topics related to the theme, notably the evolution of the role of the community pharmacist in Belgium: Trends and innovations and also the extent to which we can promote pharmaceutical services in pharmacies.

This meeting allowed both students and professionals in the field to exchange questions and answers during the session with the speakers present on the different facets linked to the community pharmacist and the challenges of the pharmaceutical profession.