State of play in the metallurgical, mechanical and electromechanical industries (IMME) sector by Pr. Hafsa El Bekri on Medi1 TV

Miscellaneous announcements

Pr. Hafsa El Bekri, teacher at Euromed Business School and Co-director of the RIEMAS Think-Tank, was the guest of the program Questions d'Actu on Medi1 TV to take stock of the metallurgical and mechanical sectors and electromechanical, especially following this strong impact suffered by the health and economic crisis. Facing several constraints, namely market disruptions and the rise in the cost of raw materials, this sector must now be based on a new roadmap for the revival of the sector and thus overcome the vagaries of the global market.  

In his intervention in the program Questions d'Actu, Pr. Hafsa El Bekri responded to this problem alongside two Moroccan experts. 

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