ICESCO-EUROMED Chair “Arts, Societies and CIVILIZATIONS” is organizing a Master class on the theme “Translation and dialogue of cultures”

Miscellaneous announcements

As part of the 2023-2024 activities of the ICESCO-EUROMED Chair "Arts, Societies and CIVILIZATIONS", a Master class was organized on Wednesday October 18, 2023 led by Ms. Rajae Talbi (poet, writer and translator) on the theme "Translation and dialogue of cultures".

The debate developed from the reflection she initiated was polarized around key questions: 1. the role of Translation in building peace, the rise of interculturality, the transmission of knowledge. 2. The practice of translation as work on the imagination of oneself and the perception of the other. 3. Translation and its demands on the translator and the reader.

The open debate with the students of the Translation sector made it possible to give an even richer extension to these areas of reflection pointing out, among other things, the problems of Translation faced with the challenges of artificial intelligence, of Translation faced with the mutations of languages ​​such as that today they suffer the effects of social media, the isolation in which the translator finds himself forced to constantly invent his own tools.

This Master class actively functioned as a real laboratory for analyzing the mechanisms of Translation and its epistemological foundations.