Information and orientation week for the benefit of students at GSU Jean-de-La-Fontaine

Miscellaneous announcements

In order to discover its training offer and the wide range of professional sectors giving access to it, the Euromed University of Fez is taking part in a week of information and orientation for the benefit of students from GSU Jean-de-la- Fontaine in Fez, as well as their parents.

The opening speech was given by Professor Taoufik OUAZZANI CHAHDI, Vice-President in charge of Academic and Cultural Affairs at UEMF, who presented the program for the coming week, emphasizing the importance of the presence of the teams of the university within the GSU.

The goal of this initiative is to create a meaningful opportunity to inspire, inform and engage the next generation of students. By offering information, advice and perspectives on academic and professional opportunities, we seek to guide students in their educational journey while motivating them to explore new and stimulating horizons.

The week includes several components, including workshops led by UEMF teachers, covering the university's various teaching areas such as health, engineering and architecture, as well as humanities and social sciences. Also on the program are visits outside the GSU premises, videoconferences led by former students and discussion spaces available for parents.