Students from Euromed Business School and the School of Digital Engineering and Artificial Intelligence ranked 3rd in Attijari Startup Game

Miscellaneous announcements

The result of the Attijari Startup Game competition was revealed this Monday, November 28, announcing the winning teams. 3rd place on the podium therefore goes to students from EBS and EIDIA.  

As a reminder, the Attijariwafa bank Business Game, initiated under the theme “Attijari Startup Game”, saw the participation of a dozen schools and universities from Morocco and several countries in sub-Saharan Africa involving students adept at digital and digital. This competition allowed students to concretely implement financial mechanisms and make strategic choices through immersion in the business world. At the end of this competition, an awards ceremony took place at the headquarters of Attijariwafa bank in Casablanca.  

The winning UEMF students were also received and congratulated by Mr. The President of the University, Prof. Mostapha Bousmina, who praised the multidisciplinary skills of the students and expressed his great joy and pride at seeing the students of the UEMF evolve and innovate in such competitions.