EMADU students participate in the “Summer School” of the Polytechnic of Milan

Miscellaneous announcements

EMADU took part in the 3rd edition of the "Summer School", organized by the Polytechnic School of Milan "Politecnico di Milano". Five EMADU students were selected by the Polytechnic of Milan to participate in the international workshop “Landscape Of[f] Limits”, focused on landscape, urban and architectural transformations that took place at the Piacenza Campus from August 30 to September 10.

Pr. Iman Benkirane, Director of EMADU, was also invited to be part of the Jury for selecting the final projects. At the end of the workshops, EMADU students received a certificate of participation, presented by the Polytechnic of Milan. Congratulations to Adnane Mansouri, Asmae Haneda, Rima Tahiri, Rania Oufrid and Safae Kaoukab for their brilliant contribution.