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Subject :

Optimizing Mobility of Goods in Cities: Urban Integration and Intermodal Potential.


Description of the thesis subject:

Eight major challenges characterize our urban landscapes which can even go so far as to influence the habitus in its sociological sense as highlighted by Norbert Elias.

From the current global situation prevailing at the level of cities and metropolises arise various trends applying to urban logistics through a new operational framework which is that of the increase in B2C distributions involving, among other things, shared mobility schemes, door-to-door services, multimodality and customer-centered systems likely to exacerbate tensions on urban space which cannot expand indefinitely.

As part of this doctoral thesis, we will seek to model the transport of goods starting from the case of Casablanca to grasp its dynamics, better understand the interactions and imagine intelligent, connected, economically efficient and environmentally friendly urban logistics solutions. viable solutions calling for the sharing of means of transport, the duality of their use, the use of clean vectors and the use of perfectly integrated intermodality.

The objective of this research will be to define the intrinsic characteristics of urban logistics optimization problems, in order to achieve a better understanding of these challenges, and to make it possible to propose an intelligent transport system based on optimization algorithms. robust and efficient.


Keywords :

Urban Logistics, Externalities, Congestion, Systems Thinking & System Dynamics, Traffic Models and Simulations, Financing Models, MCDM.


Profile and skills sought:

  • Engineer in industrial engineering with solid knowledge in operational research (optimization, simulation and algorithms) and programming.


  • Holder of a scientific master's degree in computer science/artificial intelligence, applied mathematics, econometrics, statistics.
  • Demonstrated interest in transportation and logistics.
  • Autonomous, sense of analysis and criticism.
  • Very good level in French and good level in English, both spoken and written.

Supervisor :

professor Mouhsene FRI & professor Othmane BENMOUSSA


Deadline for submission of applications: November 4, 2022