“Smart Grid and Sustainable Energy System”: Seminar led by Professor Mohamed BARARA

Miscellaneous announcements

As part of the conference cycle, the Euromed University of Fez is organizing a seminar under the theme "Smart Grid and Sustainable Energy System". This event is presented in English by Pr. Mohamed BARARA, within the Eco-campus of the university, on Wednesday November 22.

Professor BARARA, renowned expert in the field of Smart Grids, renewable energy systems and micro-grids, shared his in-depth knowledge during this unique conference. Given the energy transition that the world is currently going through, the speaker explained how Smart Grids represent the future of our energy infrastructure, offering innovative solutions to meet the challenges of this transition.

Smart Grids aim to guarantee the reliability and stability of electricity systems, to balance energy supply and demand and to enable diversified integration of multi-source systems. The main challenges are to increase the penetration of renewable energy into energy network infrastructures in order to fully integrate them and achieve sustainable energy systems.

This seminar was dedicated to recent developments at the frontiers of the smart grid community, ranging from academic fields to their industrial applications.