EVALSUP International Conference

Miscellaneous announcements

Euromed University participated in the 4th edition of the EVALSUP International Conference organized at ESTO (Ecole Supérieure de Technologie de Oujda - Mohammed 1st University) on December 17 and 18, 2019 under the theme “ higher education results: identification, measurement, evaluation and effects ”.

This event was attended by many evaluation specialists at national and international level and was an opportunity to present the latest trends in evaluation and quality assurance in higher education and to share good ideas as well as best practices.

Euromed University participated with two communications:

1. “Proposal and deployment of an audit process applicable to higher education and research institutions”, conference by Professor Mustapha Bennouna;

2. “Audit of higher education establishments: Control to control; Evaluate to evolve”, presentation by Mr. Amine Alaoui.

Euromed University thanks the organizers for their welcome and for the richness of the interventions and debates which made this conference a success.