Integration week at Euromed University of Fez

Miscellaneous announcements

The Eco-campus of the Euromed University of Fez welcomed, today Monday, September 11, new students for the 2023/2024 academic year to attend an integration week which takes place between the 11 and September 16.

The university staff has fully mobilized to guarantee the best reception conditions for our newbies, each at their own level. Former UEMFists, student ambassadors, also participated in the organization of this integration week by providing help and support to this year's new registrants.

However, it is with a heavy heart that the UEMF community had to manage this event which coincides with the natural disaster of the earthquake which struck our country and which caused several human and material damages. The organizers therefore decided to make changes to the previously established program in order to adapt to the situation of national mourning decreed by His Majesty the King, may God help him.

However, this academic year is marked by the launch of new establishments which are starting up during this academic year, notably the Faculty of Nursing Sciences and Health Technologies, the Euromed Faculty of Medicine and the Euromed Faculty of Dental Medicine.