Dynamics of relocation, what opportunities for Morocco? By Pr. Hafsa El Bekri

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In an interview with MAP, Hafsa El Bekri, professor and researcher at the Euro-Mediterranean University of Fez, provides an analysis of the imperatives of the relocation movement and deciphers its challenges for Morocco.

The multiplication of waves of confinement in the face of the health situation and the supply crises of certain inputs, coupled with the new geopolitical context, have resurfaced the movement to relocalize industries.

This forced dynamic benefits a set of destinations, considered privileged for a new movement of foreign direct investment in strategic sectors, in order to compensate for dependence on certain inputs from China.

At the heart of this reconfiguration of the game, how could Morocco bet on its geographical positioning but also on its efforts to improve the business climate and strengthen its attractiveness to attract significant relocation investments?

Source: MAP

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