Activities and achievements that have marked the roadmap of the Women's and Men's Equality Consortium in which the UEMF participates

Miscellaneous announcements

As part of the activities and achievements which have marked the roadmap of the EFH Consortium in which the UEMF participates, since the official launch event on June 29, 2021, here are the major achievements in this direction:


  • inventory of the EFH in the eleven member universities;


  • awareness sessions and training on EFH with the support of experts;


  • information and working sessions around tools created by international associations: UN Women - HeForShe and WEPs (Women's Empowerment Principles) adapted to the university environment;


  • information session on the systems of the AUF and its partners in connection with EFH;


  • design, writing and presentation workshops for the draft EFH action plan for each university;


  • participation in various international webinars on the theme of EFH;


  • creation of an accessible “SDG5 – gender equality” toolbox made up of French-speaking resources.


  • Production of a video of the members of the consortium on the occasion of March 8, 2022



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