[NEW TRAINING] Master in Biobank Management

Miscellaneous announcements

A biobank is a place where biological samples and health data collected from patients and healthy individuals are stored with their consent. Today, biobanks are boosting the biomedical research sector. This is why the BiomedTech Engineering School is announcing the opening of a new Master in Management of Biobanks program. This is a program that focuses on the technique, management and data management of complex biological samples in biobanks of public hospitals or private laboratories. The program's curriculum meets the standards of the Ministry of Higher Education and involves both theoretical and practical concepts related to biobanking.  

The Master in Management of Biobanks provides its students with the knowledge necessary to coordinate the technical and scientific aspects of a biobank, manage the data associated with samples and develop a quality management system.

More specifically, this program aims to:

  • Bringing students to the forefront of biobanking knowledge;
  • Familiarize students with the organization, management and operationalization of biobanks at the national level;
  • Develop strong technical and managerial skills focused on biobanks;
  • Understand sample management and the ethical and legal aspects of biobanks; scientific contributions in the field of sample science.