The UEMF launches the faculty of nursing and health technologies.

Miscellaneous announcements

The Euromed University of Fez is launching its Faculty of Nursing and Health Technologies (FSITS) which will open its doors next September for the 2023/2024 academic year. 

As part of the diversification of its training offer and in order to contribute to the development and qualification of human resources in the field of Health, the Faculty of Nursing Sciences and Health Techniques (FSITS) will welcome its first class which will include seven training courses. This training program is part of the course of the License-Master-Doctorate (LMD) system giving access to a range of specialties, in particular: Multipurpose Nurse, Nurse in intensive care anesthesia, Speech therapist, Psychomotor therapist, Dietetics-nutrition, Techniques of laboratory and radiology techniques.

The FSITS is setting up a training course whose educational project is to train professionals specialized in multiple disciplinary fields linked to health by issuing diplomas recognized by the State allowing professional integration in the public, private and liberal sectors.

Thus, the University's Health Sciences Center is expanding its training offering and strengthening its already existing components, namely the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Dentistry, the Faculty of Pharmacy and the School of Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology.

The Euromed University of Fez, through its Health Pole, invests in the promotion of human capital and offers a training environment of excellence for future generations of professionals and practitioners in order to prepare them to respond to new challenges linked to the field of Health.