UEMF staff are vaccinated against Covid-19

Miscellaneous announcements

In accordance with the national vaccination strategy against Covid-19, the UEMF is in turn launching its campaign for its staff. This immunization operation took place on the University premises, via vaccination stations located on site.  

It should be noted that this vaccination campaign will be rolled out very gradually for the benefit of all employees, in compliance with the health protocol in force. 

As a reminder, the UEMF was able to adapt from the start of this health crisis by opting for a series of measures such as massive Covid-19 screening operations for all staff members, doctoral students and technical agents present. on the eco-campus. The UEMF team of researchers was also very involved and worked hard in the University's additive manufacturing laboratories to produce and deliver, on a weekly basis, more than 1,000 reusable masks, to disposable filters, complying with health standards to the medical teams of the University Hospital and the authorities of the city of Fez.