Towards equitable Universal Health Coverage: Focus on the nursing contribution

Conference cycle

On April 18, 2024, the Euromed Faculty of Nursing and Health Technologies of the Euromed University of Fez hosted the 2024 edition of the African Conferences, organized as part of the activities of "SIDIIEF" to which our establishment adheres as a member. promoter.

This major event brought together leading experts in the field of health, from various African countries, to discuss the crucial issues of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) on the continent. The discussions highlighted best practices and African nursing innovations aimed at promoting equitable UHC for all.

Participants identified major obstacles hindering access to healthcare in Africa, highlighting existing disparities and challenges to be addressed. However, there was also a focus on sustainable solutions, with a strong commitment to improving health systems to ensure effective and accessible UHC for all African citizens.

The event featured inspiring presentations, interactive panel discussions and networking sessions for professionals to share their experiences and ideas for overcoming healthcare barriers.

This edition of the African Conferences was an important milestone in health promotion in Africa, strengthening the commitment of key stakeholders to work together to achieve common UHC goals. She also highlighted the importance of international collaboration and knowledge exchange to address the most pressing health challenges on the continent.