Professor ACHACHI's conference on the foundations of Russian geopolitics

Conference cycle

The speaker Dr. ACHACHI, once again hosted as part of Philosophy Wednesdays; a large-scale conference on Russian geopolitics within the eco-campus of Euromed University in Fez on May 22, 2024.

During this session, Pr. ACHACHI illustrated the geopolitical evolution of Russia which intended to access the warm seas between the 18th century and the beginning of the 20th as a pragmatic reaction to the principality of the capital Moscow representing a partitioned steppe terroir. As a result, Russia wanted to conquer the maximum number of regions and territories to create a regional buffer. Subsequently, Mr. ACHACHI mentioned the concept of the “Russian world” which adds to the West/East logic in order to escape an intrinsic encirclement.  

The particularity of this meeting lies in its special momentum because it represents the closing of a cycle of conferences which crisscrossed the entire academic year and has just been completed through a conference which deals with a subject of very formidable news which allowed the audience represented by students, doctoral students and professors, to ask many questions in order to assimilate the current geopolitical situation.