Socioeconomic Impact Projects by Euromed Business School: gender inequality and economic violence

Conference cycle

The Socioeconomic Impact Project (PISE) is a module that draws on the Project-Based Learning (PBL) approach to encourage students to explore real-world problems and challenges in an active learning mode and committed. In this regard, all of the PISEs (14 projects) carried out by students of the Grande Ecole program, 3rd year of the Euromed Business School, are part of the Women's Men's Equality Action Plan ( EFH) of the UEMF.  

As part of these Socioeconomic Impact Projects (PISE), a conference under the theme “Gender inequality and economic violence” was organized on Monday, December 19, within the university. This event was led by Mr. Amine Baha, director of the Batha multifunctional center for the empowerment of women victims of violence, and Ms. Amsae El Mehdi, president of the Initiative Association for the Protection of Women's Rights (IPDF).

The conference saw the participation of more than 70 people (students, faculty and administration) in hybrid mode.