Conference by Bernard LUGAN: “colonization and territorial amputations of Morocco”

Conference cycle

Bernard LUGAN, expert in history and geopolitics, author of several works mainly devoted to Africa, known as the most famous Africanist historian, was welcomed this Thursday, January 25, 2024, at Euromed University in Fez. 

As part of the Cycle of Conferences initiated by the Euromed University of Fez, the special guest of the UEMF, Pr. LUGAN gave a conference entitled: “colonization and territorial amputations of Morocco”.

During this conference, Professor LUGAN presented a rational and detailed historical analysis, highlighting the failures and successes of the reunification of the Sherifian Kingdom and the origins of the conflict around the Moroccan Sahara which dates back to the colonial period. In this regard, the speaker explained how Morocco suffered a major territorial amputation in the East as well as in the South of the country following a series of colonial interventions and decisions. He also underlined that the success of this reunification, which the Kingdom is delighted with today, resulted from the policy initiated by the late His Majesty Mohammed V, continued by the late His Majesty Hassan II, and currently maintained by His Majesty King Mohammed VI.  

This meeting was also an opportunity for Mr. LUGAN to dedicate his latest book, the second edition of “History of Morocco: From origins to the present day”, a work summarizing the history of Morocco starting from antiquity as starting point then exploring the historical, political, religious and socio-cultural evolution of Morocco until the present day. 

A constructive exchange emerged during this conference allowing students and teacher-researchers of the University to participate in an enriching debate on the different subjects raised and many others linked to current geopolitical issues.   

At the end of this successful event, Professor LUGAN was invited to participate in a guided tour of the Eco-Campus and its research platforms.