Conference: Let's talk organic chemistry with Pr. Jacques Lebreton and Dr. Jean-François Brière

Conference cycle

As part of its conference cycle, the Euromed University of Fez and its component the BiomedTech Engineering School (EIB) are organizing, today February 20, two successive conferences led by Pr. Jacques Lebreton, Professor at the University of Nantes and Dr. Jean-François Brière, CNRS Research Director at Rouen Normandy University.

A first conference under the theme of “Synthesis of new non-aromatic nitrogen heterocycles of the amidrazone type” by Mr. Lebreton then a second under the theme of “Organocatalytic synthesis of chiral heterocycles” by Mr. Brière offered interesting perspectives for the creation of compounds with varied properties useful in various fields, such as pharmacy and medicinal chemistry.