Ms. Najet Vallaud Belkacem: 2030 sustainable development goals: so far, so close?

Conference cycle

Decarbonization, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, eradication of poverty, justice and peace as well as other priorities defined by the United Nations for 2030 constitute the 17 sustainable development goals designed to respond to the global challenges facing we are facing. 

These interconnected goals are so important that it is necessary to ensure that each of them, and each of their targets, is achieved by 2030. Why these goals are a priority and what are the degrees of their implications in organizations? This is the question that is the subject of this conference given by Ms. Najat Vallaud Belkacem. Former Minister of National Education, former Minister of Women's Rights, the City, Youth and Sports and currently French Director of ONE, the NGO fighting extreme poverty and preventable diseases, Ms. Najet Vallaud Belkacem responded favorably to the invitation from the UEMF to give this conference moderated by Pr. Hafsa El Bekri, teacher-researcher at Euromed Business School and Co-Director of the Think Tank Research Institute for European, Mediterranean, and African Studies (RIEMAS).

The theme of this conference is particularly popular with Euromed University of Fez, which places sustainability at the heart of its fundamental values. In this sense, the University was recently designated winner of the “Responsible Campus of the Year” Prize during the ceremony organized in Paris, on Tuesday October 4, 2022, under the effective presidency of the Minister of Higher Education and of Research of the French Government.

The "responsible establishment of the year" category rewards UEMF's commitment to the SDGs and its lasting impact to become an organization responsible for the challenges of the transition in four main areas:

  • Leadership and governance;
  • Real Estate and Operations;
  • Learning, teaching and research;
  • Partnership and commitment.