Second edition of the conference: “The role of the EIB in EU development cooperation”

Conference cycle

The second edition of the certification training courses provided by the European Investment Bank and the Union for the Mediterranean was held at Euromed University in Fez on November 7 and 8, under the theme "The role of the EIB in cooperation in development of the EU. This initiative is part of the close partnership between the UEMF and these two institutions, aimed at structuring a study program on the EIB in the southern Mediterranean.

Spread over two days, this training program is intended for students of the Euromed Institute of Legal and Political Sciences as well as students of the Euromed Business School. This training is based on four major workshops dealing with themes linked to the financial architecture of the European Union for development, the mandate of the UfM and its role as an interface between political decision-makers, highlighting the role of the EIB within the EU architecture and last but not least to the EIB business cycle.

Focused on the role of the EIB in EU development cooperation, these workshops are led by renowned experts, including Ms. Flavia Palanza, Former EIB Director for Neighboring Countries and Speaker at the Institute of EIB, Mr. Andrea Tinagli, EIB Representative to the Union for the Mediterranean and Mr. Giuseppe Provenzano, Project Manager in Higher Education and Research at the Union for the Mediterranean. 

This enriching training allowed the participating students to deepen their knowledge in the financing of major development projects, and resulted in the awarding of certificates.