Analytical and organic chemistry by Dr. Marie-Aude Hiebel, lecturer at the University of Orléans

Conference cycle

Dr. Marie-Aude Hiebel hosted a conference at the Euromed University of Fez, around the theme: "Hypervalent Iodine (III) in Direct Intramolecular NN Bond Formation with Heteroaromatic Amines: Synthesis of Triazapentalene Derivatives". This conference was for the benefit of both the teaching and doctoral bodies of the Euromed Faculty of Engineering.

NN bond formation can provide a novel approach to various nitrogen-containing heterocycles with many applications. To this end, we found that readily available heteroaromatic amines are suitable substrates to provide an efficient and innovative approach to NN bond formation in the presence of iodine(III) reagent under very mild conditions. This method makes it possible to synthesize nitrogen-rich triazapentalene derivatives exhibiting fluorescent properties, inaccessible with existing approaches.