[Tuesday Talks] Morocco's African Policy and the Development of South-South Cooperation

Conference cycle

Under the leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, Morocco has made Africa one of the cardinal points of its foreign policy. In addition to active and structuring engagement on all issues of peace and security on the continent, the legal framework for cooperation with African countries has been considerably strengthened, thus facilitating multi-sectoral exchanges in the public and private sectors.  

In order to reflect on Morocco's African policy from the prism of the different sub-regions of the continent, the Research Institute for European, Mediterranean and African Studies (RIEMAS), a think tank of the Euromed University of Fez, is launching the Cycle of Conferences “Tuesday Talks 2021” dedicated to “Morocco’s African Policy and the Development of South-South Cooperation” following the agenda below: 




Mr. Mostapha Bousmina Tuesday May 18, 2021
Mr. Mohammed Sbihi    Tuesday May 25, 2021
Mr. Abderrazak Lassel    Tuesday June 1, 2021
Mr. Mohammed Arouchi    Tuesday June 8, 2021
Mr. Mohammed Methqal     Tuesday June 15, 2021
Mr. Youssef Amrani    Tuesday June 22, 2021
Mr. Moha Ouali Tagma     Tuesday June 29, 2021
Mr. Abdelmalek Kettani     Tuesday July 6, 2021
Mr. Rachid Agassim     Tuesday July 13, 2021


 The conference cycle will provide an opportunity to address various questions:

  - What are Morocco's achievements for the deployment of Morocco's African policy?
- What are the main challenges to regional integration in Africa
- How Africa positions itself in relation to current world challenges (digitalization, sustainable development, education, pharmaceutical industry, health, research, etc.)
- What articulation between actions at the continental level and those at the sub-regional level?