Conference: “How to build a common future for postcolonial Africa?”

Conference cycle

The UEMF hosted today, Tuesday June 7, 2022, a conference-debate around the theme “How to build a common future for postcolonial Africa?”.

This debate, which was moderated by His Excellency Mr. El Mokhtar GHAMBOU, Former Ambassador of Morocco to Kenya, was attended by Dr. Toyin Ajao (Nigeria), thinker, feminist activist and holistic researcher, and Ms. Munira Hussein (Ethiopia) , writer and author and Mr. Tony Mochama (Kenya), lawyer, writer and cultural journalist. 

During this exchange, Pr. Mostapha BOUSMINA, President of the Euromed University of Fez, underlined the importance of developing partnerships between African institutions and the need for cooperation between African countries in the areas and axes of great importance, notably food security, energy resources and renewable energies, the development of the health sector as well as the technological sovereignty of our African countries.