[Seminar] Galien Day at the Euromed University of Fez

Conference cycle

On the occasion of World Pharmacist Day celebrated on September 25, the Euromed Faculty of Pharmacy is organizing a day, as part of the conference cycle of the Euromed University of Fez. This meeting was under the theme of “The Pharmaceutical Profession: Missions, Innovations and Perspectives”.

The start of this seminar was marked by speeches by Pr. Chakib NEJJARI, Vice-President in charge of the UEMF Health Pole, Pr. Salim BOUNOU, Vice-President in charge of Research, Innovation and Partnership, Pr. Samir AHID, Dean of the Euromed Faculty of Pharmacy and Mr. Amir Seif Belahcen, representative of UEMF Pharmacy students.

In the presence of several specialist speakers and experts in the field, the participants treated this theme from several perspectives linked to the professions of pharmacist, including the community pharmacist, the pharmacist in a hospital environment, the biologist pharmacist, the pharmacist in the Industry, the pharmacist entrepreneur in health and finally the new horizons, innovation and research in the pharmaceutical sciences.

This meeting allowed students from the Euromed Faculty of Pharmacy to exchange views during the discussion session with the speakers present on the different facets linked to the pharmaceutical profession. It should also be noted that this seminar was organized with the support of Laboratoires Hikma.