Conference at Euromed Polytechnic School by Prof. Ahmed El Hassani “The geologists’ paradise – A journey through time in the Kingdom of Morocco”

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According to Pierre Despujols, “Despite its location at the gates of Europe, Morocco remained, until the beginning of the last century, as mysterious as the most distant lands. Is it not, however, the cradle of geology?

Indeed, our speaker, Prof. Dr. Ahmed El Hassani, resident member of the Hassan II Academy of Sciences and Technology, confirms that “ Morocco is considered geologically among the countries which relate in a fairly complete manner the geological history of the globe (from the Archean in the Quaternary). As such, it is of major interest to the international scientific community; which means it is regularly visited by a large number of geologists from five continents. In addition to the great diversity of geological terrains, several stratotypes and groups of fossils have been identified in Morocco where they are best represented on a global scale. These riches remain unknown today by the majority of Moroccans, including managers of natural spaces, and even the non-specialized scientific community. This encourages the conduct of “inventory” type studies which geologists rarely undertake, but which have a fundamental role in raising public awareness of the safeguarding, valorization and rational use of this heritage . »

Teacher. Dr. Ahmed Hassani in “ The paradise of geologists - A journey through time in the Kingdom of Morocco ”, Hassan II Academy Press