Pr. Ahmed KOUTOUS hosts a conference on seismic construction using local materials

Conference cycle

As part of the conference cycle, the Euromed University of Fez is organizing a conference under the theme: "Seismic construction using local materials: inventory and diagnosis of constructions impacted by the High Atlas earthquake". This conference is dedicated to civil engineering students from Euromed Polytechnic School (EPS), and was held at the UEMF Eco-campus on November 29.

Prof. Ahmed KOUTOUS, Doctor of Civil Engineering and distinguished specialist in the field, moderated this conference by highlighting the diagnosis methodology as well as its progress which are crucial elements in the evaluation of structures with a view to strengthening seismic construction . Pr. KOUTOUS also raised the challenges generated by the seismic conditions of the High Atlas region through an inventory and underlined the importance of adopting innovative approaches to reinforce existing structures and design new resilient constructions.

This conference thus served as a catalyst for future initiatives aimed at strengthening the safety of structures against seismic risks in areas prone to seismic movements in our country, intended to inspire future civil engineers.