“Africa: future geographical pivot of history? » Conference by Dr. Rachid ACHACHI

Conference cycle

As part of the conference cycle, this Wednesday, April 24, 2024 was marked by a conference by Dr. Rachid ACHACHI around the theme “Africa: future geographical pivot of history? » within the Eco-campus of the Euromed University of Fez.

This brainstorming session brought together students from different establishments of the University, addressing several crucial questions concerning the role of Africa in global geopolitics and its future.

Dr. Rachid ACHACHI began by defining the geostrategic characteristics of the Heartland and its impact on the global balance. Then, he highlighted Africa's major geographical assets, highlighting its position, its natural resources and its economic potential. He identified three major challenges for Africa's future: the fight against poverty, improving education and strengthening infrastructure. The speaker also raised the question of rethinking Pan-Africanism on the political, ideological or geographical levels, while reflecting on how to consider Africa on the geographical level, wondering if it was necessary to think of it in the plural (the Africas ) or as a single geopolitical bloc.

This regular meeting with Dr. Achachi was an opportunity for our students to benefit from an enriching experience on various Pan-African subjects.