UEMF receives Mr. Laszlo Trocsanyi, Member of the European Parliament and Former Hungarian Minister of Justice

Conference cycle

Former Hungarian Minister of Justice, MEP and friend of Morocco, Mr. Laszlo Trocsanyi goes to the UEMF for a courtesy visit but also to give a conference on the European neighborhood policy in the presence of students and members of staff of the UEMF. 

As a former Minister of Justice, professor of law, former member of the Hungarian constitutional court and friend of Morocco, Mr. Laszlo Trocsanyi presents the theme of this conference from different angles, highlighting the points of convergence that bind Morocco and the Euro-Mediterranean space and the links which unite the two shores of the Mediterranean through agreements, exchanges but also common values. 

The conference closed with a question and answer session between Mr. Trocsanyi and members of the UEMF community.