Semitic rhetoric: theme of Dr. Achachi Rachid’s conference

Conference cycle

As part of the philosophy Wednesdays conference cycle, February 14 of this year was marked by a conference by Dr. Rachid ACHACHI on the theme “Semitic rhetoric: the forgotten meaning of the holy scriptures”, within the Eco-campus of the Euromed University of Fez.

During this event, this theme which is both primitive and perpetual, Dr. ACHACHI approached it in an ascending manner by enumerating the interpretive levels of religious texts and reading keys, the origins of Semitic rhetoric then the principles of symmetry on which this rhetoric is based which appear in two forms, parallelism and specular construction. The lecture explored the distinctive features of Semitic rhetoric, highlighting the nuances of connotation of several verses.

With the aim of making this meeting a place for constructive exchange and collective production of knowledge, the audience was able to participate in an enriching debate on the different aspects discussed during this conference.