Cultural meeting at the UEMF: “ARCHITECTURE and CONTEXT”

Conference cycle

As part of its conference cycle, and on the sidelines of the integration week, the Euromed School of Architecture, Design and Urban Planning (EMADU) organized, this Tuesday, September 19, an inaugural conference under the year 2023-2024. During this meeting, EMADU architect students gathered in the conference room for a cultural meeting on the theme “Architecture and context”

In the presence of the Director and teacher-researchers of EMADU, Mr. Melehi Youssef clarified the importance of taking into account the context to better respond to the environmental constraints and cultural specificities of architectural or urban projects. It should be remembered that Mr. Melehi Youssef is an ingenious architect who has won several prizes, notably the YOUNG ARAB ARCHITECT Prize awarded by the Council of Ministers of Urban Planning and Housing of Arab Countries, the AGAKHAN Architecture Prize awarded to the city of Assilah, the MOROCCO ARCHITECTURE Prize for the construction of the Mohamed V Military Hospital and the HONORARY PRIZE in Tribute to the Quality of the Practice of the Architectural Profession awarded by the National Council of the Order of Architects of Morocco.

This inaugural conference was an opportunity for our guest to share with students and teachers his approach based on the need to refer to the needs associated with the characteristics of the environment and invent new concepts while recharging from one's environment.