James Brown Conference: New orientation towards Branding with a focus on risk

Conference cycle

The Euromed School of Architecture, Design and Urban Planning (EMADU), in collaboration with the Fez Art Lab, organized a conference on November 21 at the heart of the Euromed University of Fez. Titled 'Design and Branding with a Focus on Risk', this event aims to provide students from this school with the tools necessary to successfully navigate the complexities of risk management while strengthening their brand's presence on the national stage and international.

In the presence of Mr. Omar Chennafi, Founder of the Fez Gathering festival and Co-founder of the Fes Art Lab organization, the conference was given by Mr. James Brown, senior consultant in design and branding. Renowned expert with over ten years of experience, he has led branding projects for large multi-regional companies and recently specialized in communications and storytelling for non-profit organizations and NGOs such as the United Nations . The speaker shared his know-how in the field of risk management applied to branding and storytelling providing participants with a practical and inspiring overview of the challenges and opportunities related to risk management around the world. design and branding.