“Between tradition and modernity: which path for Morocco? » Conference by Dr. Rachid ACHACHI

Conference cycle

As part of the conference cycle, this Wednesday, February 28, 2024 was marked by a conference by Dr. Rachid ACHACHI around the theme “Between tradition and modernity: which path for Morocco? » within the Eco-campus of the Euromed University of Fez.

During this afternoon, students from the various establishments of the University attended a session of reflections emanating from the fields of sociology and ethnology. The speaker took the opportunity to elucidate the distinction between tradition, modernity and modernization. Mr. ACHACHI also defined archeo-modernity which is an approach aimed at understanding contemporary society and culture by examining its structures.

With the aim of making this meeting a place for constructive exchange and collective production of knowledge, the audience was able to participate in an enriching debate on the different aspects discussed during this conference.