EMADU cultural meeting: Global Perspective on Contemporary Architecture

Conference cycle

The School of Architecture of the Euromed University of Fez welcomed, on Thursday May 28, 2024, Sean Anderson, a major player in the field of architecture and former associate curator at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York .

Sean Anderson, currently an Associate Professor at Cornell University, has brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to our Architecture students. With an impressive background that includes teaching and practicing architecture in countries such as Afghanistan, Australia, India, Italy, Morocco, Sri Lanka and the United Arab Emirates, his Interventions offer global perspectives on current innovations and challenges in its field.

How can we begin to undo commonly held assumptions about architecture in order to move beyond the boundaries, structures and systems that limit, or even prohibit, knowledge? This was the central question at this meeting, Anderson addressed questions related to the manifestation of the past in our present, through the tools used by architects, designers, and other actors. He suggested ways to dismantle these legacies in order to create new spaces promoting reflection, habitation and liberation.