Workshop on intelligent transport (ITS), mobility and urban planning


The UEMF organized, on May 15 and 16, 2023, in collaboration with its partner Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, two workshops, one on AI applied to agriculture and food security and the other on on intelligent transport (ITS), mobility and urban planning.

The 2nd day of joint work on transport and urban planning between the Euromed University of Fez and Shenkar College of Engineering and Design saw massive participation and frank interest from the 2 university institutions, respective presidencies and deanships, researchers and students .


Various themes were discussed, including:

- Territorial planning, town planning and architecture, all areas remodeled thanks to artificial intelligence and new techniques for processing, extraction, exploitation and analysis of massive data;

- Hybrid models combining Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques with those of discrete choice analysis;

- The application of artificial intelligence to civil air transport as an important axis.


A round table bringing together university researchers and practitioners in urban mobility and transport was the high point of this scientific event.

This 2nd day was moderated by Professor Othmane BENMOUSSA, dean of the Euromed Polytechnic School, and closed with a summary and concrete proposals from Professors Salim BOUNOU and Sam KENIG, respectively vice-presidents of the 2 partner higher education structures.