The Teens in AI Hackathon: a competition to generate the next ethical leaders in AI


Organized by the UEMF School of Digital Engineering and Artificial Intelligence, Teens in AI, and the ICESCO-UEMF Women in Science: AI and the Future Chair, the Hackathon saw the participation of young high school graduates, region of Fez-Meknes, curious to discover the fascinating world of AI. 

The first stage of this Hackathon allowed young high school graduates to learn the basics of AI, thanks to a popularized introduction carried out by EIDIA professors, Mr. El Kari Badr and Ms. Mouhtadi Meryem in the fields of robotics and virtual reality respectively, while raising awareness of the ethical nature of the uses.  The idea is to provide all these young people with basic knowledge and introduce them to how technology  is used to create innovative and effective solutions while having responsible behavior. Certainly, AI has strong potential to solve the world's problems, but this continuous progress must be subject to controlled use. This is why Pr. Marhraoui Mohammed Amine, Professor at Euromed Business School, also raises awareness among young people about the meeting between Artificial Intelligence and Sustainable Development Goals, and how to put AI at the service of the latter to help make significant progress in development.

This competition was a real opportunity for these young people who, thanks to various masterclasses by experts, were able to ask questions, research and even test several ideas.