Workshop on strategic planning based on scenarios, for decision-making


The Euromed University of Fez is organizing, in collaboration with the Office of the Konrad-Adenauer Foundation in Morocco and the ICESCO Center for Strategic Foresight , a Workshop on the theme “ strategic planning based on scenarios for decision-making ” .

This seminar is scheduled for December 17 and 18 , at Euromed University in Fez, for students of the two master's degrees “MARKETING AND BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT” and “BUSINESS AND FINANCIAL LAW”.

The Workshop's primary objective is to present to participants the foresight approach as well as the methods and concepts of strategic foresight . The first intervention aims to engage participants in the spirit of foresight, through a cultural and political approach. The history of attitudes towards the future in different cultures as well as the school of foresight thoughts will be revealed, to explain in particular the transition from the foresight attitude to strategic foresight.

The second session concerns more the concept of strategic foresight and its approach . The Greek triangle and the main differences and similarities between strategy and foresight will be drawn in order to present an overview of this field.

The second objective aims for the participants to acquire the principles and tools of the prospective approach and their application , for the purposes of the organization's strategy, and thus to mark the transition from training to taking action. concrete.
  This transition will be based on the introduction of the scenario approach and the strategic foresight toolbox. Participants will then be able to apply these techniques during workshops which will allow them to concretely understand and assimilate the approaches and methods of strategic foresight.