Getting to know each other better to understand each other better: purpose of the first meetings of the Grandes Ecoles Pour la Paix consortium working group


The Euromed Polytechnic School (EPS) participated in the first meetings of the working group of the GE2P ( Grandes Ecoles Pour la Paix ) which includes around twenty establishments and universities including Tel Aviv University (Israel), Universidad de Playa Ancha (Chile), Queen's University (Canada), ECAM-EPMI (France), Bar Ilan University (Israel), Beer Sheva School of Engineering (Israel), Moulay Ismail University ( Morocco), Ibn Tofail University (Morocco), Mohammed V University (Morocco) and the Polytechnic Virtual University (Mali).

The GE2P label allows you to:

- Raise awareness among young students of the primordial values ​​of peace, tolerance, understanding, equality and cooperation between peoples.

- Educate and train students in Peace through teaching, research and dissemination of elements relating to the knowledge and practice of Peace.

- Exert a positive influence on young students through actions that will have a concrete impact on their environment, at the local, national and international levels.

- Create, develop and sustain a climate of peace within campuses and, by extension, at the level of the respective countries for a harmonious and sincere living together.

During this meeting, the EPS discussed the development of specific projects with, in particular, the Beersheba Engineering School and recalled that the 1st step is to work together in a concrete way, irrigating the different GE2P establishments via the involvement of faculty, researchers and students. In this regard, apart from traditional educational and research activities, sport can be a catalyst, carrying the values ​​of good manners and living together.